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Creed, Motto, and Vision

Jane Macon Middle School's Creed
I am a Jane Macon Middle Student.
I am in school to learn.
I was born to grow, lead, and excel.
I know that I am important.
I am unique.
The most important thing is always doing my best.
I have the power to choose.
I am in charge of one life, my own.
Therefore, I accept sole responsibility for my behavior.
Today I choose to make a positive impact on my school, my community, my state, my nation and my world.I am preparing for a better tomorrow by being better today,
because yesterday’s failures are behind me and Today’s successes are before me.
This is my time!
I am an Eagle!

Adapted from Marva Collins Preparatory School

Jane Macon Middle School's Motto
Preparing for a better tomorrow by being better today!
Jane Macon Middle School's Vision
A diverse and inclusive community of life-long learners committed to Service, Ownership, Achievement and Respect.