Connect Glynn Externship Continues Growth in Local, Neighboring Districts

For several years, we, along with the Golden Isles College & Career Academy and the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, have partnered together to support an educator externship program that offers a unique professional development opportunity for teachers to explore in-demand careers in our community and apply what they learned to their lesson plans. 
We are partnering with the Chamber again on this invaluable experience. The Connect Glynn Educator Externship Academy is designed for educators to observe and interact with local companies while gaining real-world industry experience from a number of the major employers in Glynn County.
The externship experience will provide approximately 30 educators with three full working days onsite in a Golden Isles area local business this fall –  two of whom are educators in McIntosh County Schools. Locally, they include:
  • Terra Morgan, Golden Isles Elementary;
  • Deborah Gilfillan, Risley Middle;
  • Katie Cheek, Satilla Marsh Elementary;
  • Stephanie Cooper, Glynn Academy;
  • Rachael Davis, Risley Annex/Bright Beginnings;
  • Deborah Williams, Golden Isles College and Career Academy;
  • Eric Benson, Assistant Superintendent, Grades  6-12;
  • Courtney Roberts, St. Simons Elementary;
  • Raquel Shields, Brunswick High;
  • Buffy Jobe, Glynn Middle;
  • Cynthia Gonzalez, Brunswick High;
  • Joyce Hankerson McClendon, Glynn Learning Center;
  • Jessica Gerardis, C.B. Greer Elementary;
  • Erin Burandt, Sterling Elementary;
  • Amy Blackerby, Jane Macon Middle;
  • Porscha Morgan, Burroughs-Molette Elementary;
  • Chelle Albenice, Glyndale Elementary;
  • Autumn Roberts, Glynn Academy;
  • Rebecca Smith, Needwood Middle Principal;
  • Marikka Floy, Altama Elementary;
  • Corinne Auguste, Goodyear Elementary;
  • Shonta Butts, Brunswick High;
  • Gabrielle Slay, Risley Middle;
  • Melanie Weese, Jane Macon Middle; and
  • Angela Winford, Satilla Marsh Elementary.
During this program, businesses will provide teachers with hands-on working experience and opportunities to observe several different aspects of business techniques and processes.