Katz-Whittle Foundation Golden Rule Student of the Month: Trenton Lee Jr.

The Katz-Whittle Foundation sponsors six Golden Rule Students of the Month at each Glynn County School. Jane Macon Middle School would like to recognize Trenton Lee Jr. as our Golden Rule Student of the Month for February.
Here's what Trenton's teachers had to say. Trenton changed classes and took the switch really well. He is super excited for class and works really hard everyday. The students were given an assignment to complete with a partner of their choice, and he chose to work with a student that most students would shy away from. In his math class, Trenton helped this student during class by working with him and being very patient with the student as they worked through the assignment. Trenton volunteered his time with this student and stayed with the student for the entire group activity. The student that Trenton worked with was very happy to know that somebody in the classroom was willing to work with him as a peer and be patient with him. This was an outstanding Golden Rule example that Trenton showed towards his peers. He modeled how to treat others the way you want to be treated.