Katz-Whittle Foundation Golden Rule Student of the Month: Aleena Overstreet

The Katz-Whittle Foundation sponsors six Golden Rule Students of the Month at each Glynn County School. Jane Macon Middle School would like to recognize Aleena Overstreet as our Golden Rule Student of the Month for January.
Here's what Aleena's teachers had to say. Aleena is a very helpful and respectful student. Aleena lives out the Golden Rule by sharing supplies with others, by helping others and making others feel welcome. She's very shy, but she encourages her peers at all times. Aleena also encourages her peers to ask questions when they are unsure of answers. Aleena has shown herself to stand up for others when they are not being treated properly by others. Aleena empathizes and understands how someone else might be feeling. Aleena says she believes that "sharing is caring."