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Tori N. Pelphrey






M.A. of Education- Athletic Coaching and Leadership - University of Rio Grande- Rio Grande, Ohio


B.A. in Social Sciences - Shawnee State University-Portsmouth, Ohio

A.A.S. Occupational Therapy- Shawnee State University- Portsmouth, Ohio



Edgenuity Procedures     

  1. You are required to fill out and submit a testing pledge for each of your Edgenuity courses.  Here’s the link: Edgenuity Honor Pledge - Jane Macon Middle School SY 2021-2022 (
  2. Student is required to take notes and listen to every lesson with either headphones or personal listening device.  Notes must be shown before a quiz is released.   
  3. Student is required and expected to answer every question the first time around.  Not just the multiple-choice questions. 
  4. Student is not allowed to copy and paste answers to assignments.  You will be expected to write down short response questions on notebook, prior to writing them on the program.
  5. Review of quizzes or test will not be given for EOC courses.  Reviews for other subjects will be up to the teacher’s discretion.   Reviews are not given on any prescriptive or pretests.  Only one review will be given.   
  6. If you fail a quiz 2 times, the teacher will assign a supplemental activity.
  7. Student may use notes on quiz, but not on pretests, tests or final exam.
  8. Student may use a formula sheet for final exam.

To have Success in this Course

  1. ALWAYS take good notes and keep them organized in a notebook or folder.
  2. ALWAYS listen carefully to the lectures.
  3. ALWAYS read supplemental activities.
  4. Be sure to work on each subject area daily and complete activities. 
  5. Make sure you understand the concept before taking a quiz.  Ask the teacher for help if you do not.
  6. Remember your target date!  Do not let yourself get behind in your work or you will not finish your class on time.