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Virtual Learning Resources

Virtual Learning Daily Guide
1. Please review your grade level bell schedule. The file is in the menu to the right.The virtual schedules are listed at the bottom of the file. You are expected to be logged into your Google Classroom and Google Meet (located in your Google Classroom) by the start of each period.
2. To access Google Classroom, please go to the Meet Our Staff page. Look up your teacher's name and click on his or her webpage.
3. Please scroll to the bottom of your teacher's homepage to find your Google Classroom linked at the bottom. Please read the name of the class carefully and click on your correct class period. You may need to refer to your schedule in Infinite Campus.
4. Please sign into Google Classroom when prompted. 
Password: 6 digit date of birth
5. Once you are logged into the correct Google Classroom, you will need to look for your teacher's Google Meet link. Students will not be able to enter the Google Meet until the teacher is in the Google Meet.
6. For your virtual Health class (teacher is Mr. Mike Willis), please go to the Student tab and click on Virtual Health Class. Mr. Willis's webpage will walk you through logging into Edgenuity.
Username: PIN
Password: 6 digit date of birth