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Student Logins

Below you'll find a list of resources, usernames and passwords for online platforms that you may use at school or home.

Resource Link Resource Description Resource Login
Google You can access Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides, and all other Google Apps once you're signed into Google.
computer password

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

You can search books by title, author, or subject. You will see if the book has an AR quiz and what level the book is. Also, you can read a brief description about the book. Remember, we do not have all of the books listed in Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, but you can request for us to purchase some of the books.

No login required
Achieve 3000 You use this program to help reading informational texts. You can search thousands of articles. Then, you complete the Activity section after each article. Remember, your Lexile is adjusted based on your Activity scores. Sign in with Google (make sure you're signed into Google with your school account)


BrainPOP! is an excellent resource. It has explanatory videos on all types of topics and concepts from all of the subject areas. You can complete quizzes to test your knowledge after you watch the videos. Also, you have access to MyBrainPOP! Your account allows you to complete assignments from your teachers; you can even create your own BrainPOP! video.

Use Google Classroom to Access

 Discovery Education

Discovery Education houses thousands of educational videos and other materials. Students can use this resource to research various topics. Teachers can assign students various projects such as Discovery Boards.

Use Google Classroom to Access


Is a free web resource. It provides access to hundreds of digital journals and articles. You can search any topic imaginable. I would recommend using Britannica School as a starting point for various research assignments.

Password required only at home. See media specialist for updated password.
Georgia Career Information Center GCIC is a free resource for students to plan their future. Guidance counselors will work with students throughout the year to complete different items. See Counselors for help.
IXL IXL is a personalized learning platform. You will access IXL to work in math and ELA.
6 digit DOB

The Lexile Framework for Reading

You can search the Lexile of any book. You can search by title, author, or ISBN.

No login required.
Read 180

You can access Read 180 software in order to practice reading and math skills. Also, you can access Reading Counts to take RC quizzes.


computer password

Accelerated Reader

Access Accelerated Reader to take AR quizzes during the regular school day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


6 digit DOB


You will access this site in order to take common formative assessments, tests, and district assessments.


PIN+6 digit DOB (no spaces)


USATestprep allows you to practice concepts and skills in science, social studies, and math. There are video lessons on various topics. Also, teachers can assign practice problems as well as administer benchmarks and tests through the site. You can work practice problems independently or work on assigned lessons.



WebPath Express

You can use this tool to conduct effective Internet research. It provides descriptions of the resource as well as links to the resource. You can search by topic or key word(s).

Not Required