4th Period-1st 9 Weeks Assignments

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MyPlate Quiz in Google Classroom

MyPlate Quiz


Thursday (September 9) in Google Classroom

Thursday (September 9)

1. Go through the Google Slides on Grains (We will do this as a class during the class time)
2. Watch the Whole Grains vs Refined Grains Video after the lesson
3. Fill in the parts of a Grain Worksheet
4. Watch the BrainPOP on Carbohydrates and answer the quiz questions


Wednesday (September 8) in Google Classroom

Wednesday (September 8)

1. Watch the What is a Calorie TED Talk
2. Read through the Google Slides of MyPlate Part 1
3. Complete the Calorie Quiz
4. In the Google Form, type your score on the Calorie Quiz and one thing you learned that surprised you about calories


Tuesday (September 7) in Google Classroom

Tuesday (September 7)

MyPlate Introduction
1. Watch the introduction video from BrainPop on Nutrition and log in with Google.
2. Open the attached worksheet "MyPlate Introduction" and use the provided links to fill in the information.
3. Make sure you completed you Safety Quiz from Thursday if you have not already!


Thursday (September 2) in Google Classroom

Thursday (September 2)

Complete the safety quiz. Make sure you are aware spelling counts.  


Wednesday (September 1) in Google Classroom

Wednesday (September 1)

1. Use the provided Google Slides to complete all of your Kitchen Safety notes in your folder (either that is left or you missed over the last week).
2. Complete the Kahoot to study for your quiz tomorrow. 


Tuesday (August 31) in Google Classroom

Tuesday (August 31)

1. Click on the link below and log into BrainPop using your Google sign in.
2. Watch the video and complete the assignments.
3. Use the attached images to complete your notes on burns in your notes folder.


Monday (August 30) in Google Classroom

Monday (August 30)

Preventing Kitchen Fires
1. Students watch the video of me giving directions of what to do today in class.
2. Log into BrainPOP (using your Google Classroom log in) watch the video and then complete the quiz.
3. Watch the video on putting out grease fire so you can know why never to use water on a grease fire.
4. Use the information form todays lesson to fill in your safety notes 


Weekly Do Now in Google Classroom

Weekly Do Now

Use this form to answer your daily Do Now.  For students in class, the Do Now will be posted on the front board and the student will need to fill in the correct daily box using complete sentence. If you are absent (for any reason), in the specific day fill in one food item you ate that day and why you picked that food.


August 24 in Google Classroom

August 24

Knife Safety
(use headphones to watch video)

Watch the first video on Knife Safety to learn about the way we should handle knives in the cooking lab.  Then watch the second video on How to Use Knives.  Use this video to fill in the the attached worksheet to label the Parts of the Knife.  Also, use the attached screen shot to fill in your notes in your folders. If you complete all of this, move on to the Types of Knives worksheet.  Use the internet to search each type of knife and fill in the information on the worksheet.